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ชนิดกระทู้ ผู้เขียน กระทู้: 5 types of shoes that you must have in your closet!  (อ่าน 16 ครั้ง)
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5 types of shoes that you must have in your closet!

Rings, necklaces, watches? Those pieces may just help your outfit to look better and fuller. But, the one item that you can’t leave your home without and is undeniable to be as important as your clothing are the perfect pairs of shoes. Picking the right pair of shoes will help to complete your day and night out outfits! But should you have all the hundreds of types of shoes? No! Have a look at these 5 types of shoes you must have in your closet that will worth every purchase you make and match every outfit you have!

1.sandals can be a piece of clothing that many people see as something casual and not necessary to own one nice pair. But choosing that one well-picked pair of sandals will allow you to wear them to many occasions. If you pick it right, you should be able to wear this same pair of shoes from H&M to the beach on your casual day and also to the bank or to the post office when you run your errands.

2.high heels are another one important pair that every woman should have. Although you’re more like a flip flop girl, on one occasion, high heels will become your essential. Get a pair of high heels and make sure you feel most comfortable and confident in them. Then you’ll never have to be afraid of what you should wear on that one special occasion anymore.

3.Sneakers - No matter you want to dress up or down, a pair of sneakers will always be your best friends. This type of shoes are not just for sports anymore, it becomes more of a fashion item in this century! Sneakers can be worn with so many other pieces from dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts. And depending on how you match it up, one pair of sneakers can create so many differences in your outfits.

4.Loafers - If you’re looking for something a little bit more formal but chic, go for a pair of loafers. Loafers tend to give you a more structure and formal look, but with a little bit of that boyish sense, your outfit will never look boring. There are a variety of options with the materials, colors, and shapes of loafers for you to choose. So, pick up your favorite loafers and rock it out!

5.Boots - Another type of shoes that not many people own but can significantly enhance your outfits is a pair of boots. Don’t get it wrong. Boots don’t always give you the rock and roll feelings to your outfit. It could be matched up and create fun, cute, casual or even classy looks. Don’t stick with the idea of having black boots, try out different styles and go with ones that you fall in love with.

These items mentioned are just the great options if you don’t want to own so many different pairs of shoes. Choose the pairs that match with your style and what you already have in your wardrobe. And don’t forget, no matter how pretty the shoes are, always opt for something comfortable because you are not planning on wearing them once or twice. So, be a little mindful of the comfort and how well they fit when you’re looking to buy new shoes!

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